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About Tom



Adventurous design and quality craftsmanship

Here at Tom Raffield we design and make a range of contemporary furniture and lighting that represents our beliefs, promotes good design and champions the materials we love. Each Tom Raffield product is hand-made by a skilled set of craftsmen, right here in our woodland workshop in Cornwall, England, and individually finished with the care and attention of a fine piece of art. We believe in sustainability and want to be the solution to the throw-away culture that is omni-present in many of our lives.

In sharing the belief that every piece of furniture and lighting in the range must be beautiful in form and practical in function, we utilise the traditional craft of steam-bending wood to create pieces that will become harmonious in the spaces of their owners for years to come.

We are ever inspired by the journey that each Tom Raffield product takes. From its infancy as a sustainably harvested piece of timber, through to the meticulous working of its form, to a finished product. The narrative of each design takes on a new meaning when acting in conjunction with our clients own individual space.

We have worked with many clients and on a variety of projects, from domestic settings to commercial contracts. Tom’s designs are in essence based wholly on natural and organic forms and yet the poetry of each product works with the aesthetics of countless environments.

Tom Raffield Ltd has been designing and manufacturing steam-bent, wooden lighting and furniture since 2008. Proudly hand-making each product to stand the test of time to become the cherished antiques of the future.

Please get in touch if you would like to commission Tom Raffield for a unique commercial project .