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Sustainable design

A by-product of good design

We create products that will be cherished, enjoyed and loved and feel strongly that in our disposable culture longevity is the basis for sustainability. We believe that running a business in a sustainable way should naturally be sound business practice.

Having a comprehensive knowledge of the production process - from the selection of a tree, to the final finishes - provides us with the skills to minimise environmental impact and make our work economically viable.

What makes Tom Raffield designs sustainable?

  • We use local timber where possible from renewable resources, reducing transportation.
  • All our timber comes from sustainably managed woodlands where more trees are planted than cut down.
  • All of our timber is either Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) or Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™) certified.
  • Where possible we use timber with the Grown in Britain© stamp.
  • For our steam-bent pieces of wood we use either unseasoned or air dried timber (avoiding the energy-intensive kiln drying  process).
  • Steam bending is the main form of production. It is a low energy method of manufacturing, with little wastage. There is no use of toxic or harmful chemicals; just water.
  • Wood waste is used to fuel our woodburner to heat our showroom.
  • Local suppliers and manufacturers are used where possible. Not only is this often cost effective, but it also helps to support local business and economy.
  • Each piece is hand crafted and will last over a lifetime.

If you would like to find out more about commissioning a unique commercial project please get in touch.