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Our Values

Handmade in England

There are so many products today clamoring for your attention; products that follow fashion trends and become obsolete far before their physical time.

Distinction in design, craftsmanship and materials form the basis of our company and creating beautiful, sustainable furniture and lighting is what we’re all about. Everything we produce is handmade with care at our workshop in Cornwall, England.

We take pride in each piece we create. Timeless design, combined with high quality workmanship ensure each of our products are treasured by its owner and will last beyond a lifetime. From sourcing the right timber to using the best finish for the product, everything is the result of thought, consideration and artistry.

If you hate the idea of waste and today’s throwaway culture, but love the idea of owning something that is built to last and will become a treasured possession, then our lighting and furniture ranges are for you. They are not slaves to trends but truly unique, timeless and precious works of art – made to stand the test of time.

Contact us about commissioning Tom for a unique commercial project.