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The Observer: Helix Drum Pendant

Sunday 29 October, 2017

The Observer: Helix Drum Pendant
Image credit: The Observer

International architecture meets local farmstead in Mark Camillin and Liam Denny’s contemporary new build, featuring the Tom Raffield Helix Drum Pendant.

When architects Mark Camillin and Liam Denny of Camillin Denny ( moved to Devon they decided to start from scratch; creating a home that looks to international designers for inspiration, but with the style of houses in their local village of Northliegh. An array of Tom Raffield pendant lights take centre stage. 

“Overall, we wanted to give the house an organic feel, so you notice the textures of the wood, the concrete floor and then you look outside, to the views over the countryside,” says Mark.

Read the full online article from The Observer here.

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