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Top tips for creating clustered lighting | Tom Raffield

Monday 15 May, 2017

Top tips for creating clustered lighting


Inspired by our upcoming lighting installations at London Craft Week and Chelsea Flower Show in May, clustered lighting is one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to create a striking result in your home. Here are our top tips:

Suit the space

If you’ve got a Victorian or Georgian property with high ceilings or a sleek new apartment with a split-level room, clustered lighting can emphasise the vertical height of the room. For a more intimate and cosy feel, group your lights closer together, or to elongate a room hang them in a line, like Tom Raffield has done (above) with our No. 1 Giant Pendants in his own home.

Mixed finishes

We’ve been experimenting with mixed wood finishes for years. Varying colour, pattern, texture and style is essential in decorating, so forget matchy-matchy room schemes and don’t be afraid to mix ash, oak and walnut wood lights together in a cluster. See Tom Raffield's own living room and our Urchin Pendants (below) for inspiration. 

Different sizes and shapes

Grouping pendants of different sizes of shapes – like we have done in our lighting installations – creates a sculptural quality. Add space between pendants of different size to give the illusion that they are floating in space.

Varied lengths 

Add interest to a room by experimenting with different length pendant cords, like Tom has done (below). 

Central focus

Hanging clustered lights above a dining table or kitchen unit draws the eye in and creates a central point of the room. Alternatively, if you’ve got a large space you can use different clusters of lights to create distinct separate zones.

'Lighting the Square' by Tom Raffield will take place 3-7 May 2017 in Orange Square, Pimlico Road, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UT.

We’ll also be taking a lighting installation and new steam-bent summer house concept to Chelsea Flower Show 23-27 May 2017. Watch this space…